Manuweera Development Consultancies is founded by Dilanga Manuweera.

  1. Dilanga has 15 years of experience working in various regions of the world including North America, Asia, and Africa and in all stages of Project Cycle Management. His experiences are within both humanitarian and development contexts as well as in stable and complex socioeconomic and political environments.
  2. Dilanga also has considerable experience in designing and implementing projects and strategies utilizing the Theory of Change model.
  3. He has held senior management positions overseeing the development of proposals (from ‘go/no go’ to successful submission) as well as the implementation of programmes for multi-million Euro muti-sectoral programme portfolios.
  4. He has experience leading programmes funded by such donors as DFID, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ECHO, European Commission, USAID/OFDA, SDC, SIDA, multiple UN agencies as well as various private foundations.
  5. Dilanga has also held consultancy positions performing myriad types of assessments on both humanitarian and development –based projects, such as proposal development, baseline, mid-term, endline and real-time assessments, as well as

Dilanga has the ability to utilize these in-depth practical experiences to conduct context and problem analyses, simplify complex issues in to their core components, and provide results that are sensitive to organizations and the circumstances they work in. He also has proven competency to function as an intermediary between organizations and their stakeholders and partners to engage and expand their current and future potential collaborations.

Finally, the approach of Dilanga, which has been infused in to Manuweera Development Consultancies is to approach each assignment with a ‘palms open’ attitude, signifying transparency and open communication to facilitate a collaborative and high-impact approach.