At times, it is crucial to obtain an outside perspective of a context or problem to enable an unbiased identification of a clear picture of the needs at-hand and a resultant contextualized approach or solution.  Whether it requires desk-based-work or ‘on-the-ground’ and ‘face-to-face’ analysis, whether the analysis is needed in order to develop a proposal or any other particular need, Manuweera Development Consultancies will be able to work with our clients to collaboratively determine the precise challenge/need being faced and in-turn, provide a contextualized, simplified and unbiased analysis to enable our clients to positively affect their programming, and maximize the impact on their beneficiaries.

The “Context and problem analysis” package, includes:

**The Theory of Change process can be applied to facilitate this package**

  • Analysis of current stakeholder and partner landscapes
  • Analysis of donor and potential partner landscapes
  • Development of problem and solution frameworks