The ‘partnership and strategy development’ package is designed to assist organizations to facilitate the development of approaches to partnerships as well as to develop organizational strategies either at the headquarters or country levels.

**The Theory of Change process can be applied to facilitate this package**

Strategy development: Having significant experience within multiple tools utilized for strategy development including Theory of Change, Manuweera Development Consultancies will be able to closely collaborate with our clients and engage in a participatory approach to combine your organizations values and approaches together with past lessons learned and future ambitions to develop a strategy that can be realistically and practically rolled-out.

Partnership development: Whether these partnerships are long or short term, with international or national organizations, for the development of a proposal or the implementation of a project, Manuweera Development Consultancies will be able to assist our client to be enabled to decide whether a partnership should be created, what that partnership should reflect, and the ability for each organization within that partnership to benefit from the partnership itself.  Manuweera Development Consultancies can take the place of an intermediary to develop such partnerships or even assist our client to develop a Partnership Strategy, if this is our clients need.

We remain available to contextualize our ‘partnership and strategy development’ package to your organizational challenges or needs.

The package “Partnership and strategy development” includes, but is not limited to, the below:

  • Development of strategy based on existing or new framework
  • Partnership development strategy, including for consortia, international and local NGOs and multilateral organizations
  • Recommendations for implementation approaches
  • Recommendations for potential donor and stakeholder engagement and collaborations