As many donors at this time are focusing on the ability of an organization to show the impact of programming or even certain interventions such as through ‘results-based-financing’, this can place a substantial burden and an increased risk on the staff of an organization to develop and roll-out a framework to reflect what the donor is requiring.

For those organizations faced with the challenges of gauging or measuring the impact of their programmes, we offer the below package to enable our clients to maximize the capacity of their organization to structure their programming such that impact can be not only measured, but also utilized for developing innovation, lessons learned, new partnerships (e.g. with local organizations), etc.

**The Theory of Change process can be applied to facilitate this package**

  • Identify strengths and gaps in programme implementation to maximize impact on the lives of people served
  • Identify strengths and gaps in the wider organizational context, which may be affecting programme implementation
  • Provide recommendations for the development of impact measurement and accountability tools
  • Assessments and/or evaluations of projects